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West Orchard

Photos of West Orchard

Posho and Bili - April 4th 2024

Some studio portraits of Posho and Bili, springer spaniels

Lemon Cocker Spaniel, Maisie - March 29th 2024

A very quick photoshoot of Maisie

Cocker Spaniel, Poppy, after a clip - March 26th 2024

Poppy with backdrop and studio lights in front room

Rex on his birthday

Photos of German Shepherd, Rex, on his birthday

Wincanton History Day March 9th 2024

A selection of photos from Wincanton History Day

Sally Bell Dressage

Sally Bell Dressage with horses Hilton, Philip and Monty

Winston the Chocolate Cockerpoo - Tuesday February 15th 2024

Studio photos of chocolate cockerpoo taken in the home

Black and Tan Cocker Spaniel studio shoot - Tuesday January 23rd 2024

Studio photos taken in the owner's front room

Autumn colour in the woods - Monday November 6th 2023

Photos showing the Autumn colours in the woods

Joe Tizzard Racing - Schooling Wednesday October 11th 2023

First lot of photos were taken early morning in the fog and very dark light

Racehorse Schooling in the fog at Joe Tizzard's

These second lot of photos were mainly of horses being jump schooled over hurdles and fences

Racehorse Schooling over jumps at Joe Tizzard's

This third lot of photos were taken on the sand gallops with varying exposure speeds

Racehorse Schooling on the sand gallops at Joe Tizzard's

Buckhorn Racing

Buckhorn Racing horses

Spaniel training at King's Stag - Wednesday September 13th 2023

Spaniel photos taken at King's Stag

Joe Tizzard Racing Owners' Day - Sunday September 10th 2023

Joe Tizzard Racing Owners' Day - lot 1

Joe Tizzard Racing Owners' Day - lot 2

Joe Tizzard Racing Owners' Day - lot 3

Kayley Woollacott Racing Owners' Day - Sunday September 3rd 2023

Kayley Woollacott Racing Owners' Day

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